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Fixed At Zero + T Shirt



Since coming together in 2007, VersaEmerge have earned attention for their distinctive blend of powerful pop sensibility and inventive post-hardcore sonics. The band’s much-anticipated full-length debut Fixed At Zero is no exception.

This package contains the Fixed At Zero album along with a VersaEmerge ‘Vulture’ t-shirt. This t-shirt features “VERSA VULTURE” in bold, white text across the t-shirt along with red feathers.

This design is printed on a black Tultex brand t-shirt.

Track Listing:
1. Figure It Out
2. Mind Reader
3. Fixed at Zero
4. You’ll Never Know
5. Stranger
6. Redesign Me
7. Fire (Aim Your Arrows High)
8. Up There
9. Your Own LoV.E.
10. Mythology
11. Lost Tree

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